Friday 17 Oct. 2008 Morning Schedule of Sang Nam Institute
From 9 am to 12 noon( Executive Meeting of APALMS & Let’s Talk with Faculty)
Laser in Korea - Jin Wang Kim
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - Kyung Won Min, Marita Einsmanklein
Laser in Japan - Kazuhiko Atsumi
New Trend of Laser Therapy - President of WALT Toshio Oshiro
IPTA - Yoshimi Asagai
Laser in PDT - IPA President Kato ,Okunaka
Lasers in New Zealand - David Baxter
Lasers in Saudi Arabia - Watban
Lasers in Israel - Kaplan & Abraham Baruchin
Lasers in India - K S Raw .
Burn & Plastic Surgery - R Ahuja, Cul Deep Singh
Lasers in Taiwan - C.J.Chang
Lasers in Thailand - Narong Nimusakul
Lasers in Italy - Leonardo Longo
Lasers in U.S.A- Grantz Ahn Yang
Lasers in China-Kang Sun Wang
Lasers in Parkistan- AAMIR SHAHZAD
Lasers in Philippine- Royce Piana
Lasers in Malaysia- Wun Teng Kuek
Lasers in Moroco- Razika Bencheikh
Lasers in Czech Republic - Maria stribrna
Lasers in Ukraine - Natalia .Pokanevych,Sergiy.Oliynyk
Lasers in Russia - Natasha
Lasers in Congo - Luyindamo Diavanga
Lasers in German - Ingmar Ingenegeren
Laser Medical Equipment /Physics/Engineering
Laser Phlebology and Vascular Lesion
Laser Asesthetic Medicine & Surgery
Effective Scientific Writing - Publish or Perish
Laser Rehabiltation - Rheumatology - Sport Medicine.

Discussion About
Bacground on Lasers ,Limit,Treatment ,Surgery
Types of Laser & Their Selected Indications
Side Effect of Laser, Present of Future, Talk about live surgery & online network
How to do it clinical Practice & Videotape, Hand on Course Evaluation Test.
Lunch - Sang Nam Institute & Allen Hall - Lunch with Faculty

Time Friday Schedule’s of EunMyung Auditorium
Seminar Rooms


14:00~15:20 Opening Remark
Jin Wang Kim - President
Ki Soo Kim - Honoary Congress Advisory General
Joo Soo Ho - Korean Society of Medical Association, President
Message from Issaac Kaplan & Masha
Message from Kazuhiko Atsumi
Marita Einsman Klein Secretary - General of IPRAS
Chairmanship by Yu Jin Jung
Openning Ceremony - Aria & Memorial Photo
15:20~15:30 Coffee Break

Plenary Lecture Chair : Jin Wang Kim, Narong Nimsakul

History and Future of Laser Surgery and Medicine - Kazuhiko Atusumi
Laser Application in China - Kang Sun Wang

Chair : B Kirshanna Raw, Chan Sup Sim, Doo Hyung Lee

Topics of Laser Surgery - Grantz
Endoscopic Laser Application in G - I tract- B Krishna Rau
Solitary Rectal Ulcer - Sharon Kirshina
Endoscopic Suegery and Laser Surgery in Thoracic - Nakamura
Laser Measurement in Medicine - Nishizuka

Chair :Asagai & Oshiro

Lasers in Rehabilitation & MAL - Prof. In Soo Jang
Pediatric applications of laser acupuncture: a systematic review

Welcome Dinner at Allen Hall & Memorial Photo

*Free Papers - Seminar Room 2.3.4 IN 6TH floor in EunMyung Auditorium
*Preview Room - Seminar Room1, Poster - Robby of Wun Myung Auditorium
*Mainly Friday & Saturday - Medical, Sunday - Medical & Dental & Live Programs.