Sunday Schedule for Maxillofacial Surgery
Main room( EunMyung Auditorium)
Seminar room 2,3
9:00~09:40 Enjoyable Clinical Application of Waterlase in daily Dentistry
-Korea University Sun Jong Kim
“ Waterlase MD use by Staff ”
-Bu Pyung Waterlase Young Jo Kim
09:40~10:20 Laser Application in Implant Therapy
-Seoul National University Sung Kun Kim
coffee break
10:40~12:30 The Clinical &
Biological Basis for Lasers in Denstry
-Dr. Robert Miller ( U.S.A.)

Successable Counseling
-So young Park

Lunch & Luncheon Symposium

Live Surgery
Sinus Lift by Waterlase MD.
Seoul Top Dental clinic Hyun Jong Kim
Laser Gingivectomy & Laser Gumbleaching
COEX Ye Dental Clinic Jong Jin Seo

Panel : Seoul Ranbrant Jae Hong Whang, Chair : WCLI Korea Byung Wook Cho

Coffee Break
15:30~16:00 Lasers in Oral Surgery
-Dr. Tadamasa Tsuda (Japan)
Vison of Laser Specialist in Denstry
-㈜Waterlase MD Min Hee Cho
16:00~16:20 Effective Custom Management
-Seoul Top Dental Eun Ju Gil
16:00~16:30 The myth and the truth of the Laser
-Seoul Rambrant Dental Clinic Jae Hong Whang
16:30~17:00 Sucessuful Case with Waterlase MD
-Star White Dental Sun Mi Lee
Award & Closing Remark


EunMyung Auditorium
Seminar Room, Medical College &
Dental College & Nurse College
Medical CEO MBA Forum Registration
9:00~10:00 Chair : Justin Mun Ho So,
        In Jae Lee

H . R Whang - Medical CEO Forum
WFSLSM Certification Program
Toshio Ohshiro
Narong Nimsakul
Medico-Legal Forum
Why Certified Laser
In Jae Lee : Medical Laser Lawyer
IMACS Korea : IMACS Program
Presentation About IMACS in Europe,
IMACS in Asia, IMACS in Korea

Live of Nd - Yag Laser
Live of Erbium Yag
Live of Holium Yag
Live of I2PL & Phototherapy
Live of Fractional Lasers
Live of Carbone Dioxide Laser
Live of LLLT lasers
All Kind of Laser for Users
Hands on training program
Seong Eun Yoon
Laser with dermastamp
Kyeong Sook Shim
Dental Application of Fractional
10:00~10:30 Chair : In Jae Lee, Takefumi Oshiro

Dae Ku Convention Beuaro - Medical CEO MBA Laser Convention Forum
10:30~11:00 Chair : Smally, Hye Kyung Kim

Busan Convention Beuaro - Medical CEO Laser Cionvention Forum
Coffee Break

Chair: Jin Wang Kim
Acne PDT with Smooth beam
Wound Healing with
Vacum assisted Closure

Filler with LLLT, PDT Live
at OR
Transport to Seminar Room
Lunch & Luncheon Symposium Live Surgery (Gu Ho Kim)

Chair : Jin Wang Kim
LLLT Live by Toshio Oshiro
Musculoskeletal, Skin,
Laser for Woman & Baby

Facial Rejuvenation
Live of Filler & Laser

Course of Filler Injection

          Chair : Gu Ho Kim

Use of HA fillers as dermal implant : compensation of face contour deformation After dermal implant treatment by using vertical injection (Johns Injection Method ) and depth controllable Johns Secrew Needle

17:00~17:20 Let’s Talk about The Poster
Satellite Symposium in Medical College Lecture Hall 2,3
Satellite Symposium of APALMS, Sunday Program- Medical Student Hall
Time Title Author
08:30~09:00 Chair : Dong Soo Kim

Baldness is One of the Disease
Byung Kwon Seo MD
09:00~10:20 Chair : Sang Chul Oh , Ki Chul Lee

Effective Method of Laser Lipolysis
Know How of S-Line & V-line
Ki Chul Lee MD

Sang Chul Oh MD
Coffee Break
10:30~12:00 Chair : Jung Kun Hong

Aesthetic Skin Application of Fraxell
By using Q-ND-YAG for Pigmented lesion & PIH
From the Plastic Surgeon’s View
Facial Rejuvenation Fractional Laser used by fractional CO2 Laser

Hye Kyung Kim

Jung Kun Hong MD

12:00~12:30 Chair : Jung Kun Hong

New trend of fat cell transfer & isolation of fat stem cell
Seung Whan Lee
Lunch, Luncheon symposium ( EunMyung Aud.)

Chair : Seung Whan Lee

Effective and Safe Method of IPL

Eung Suk Kim MD

Coffee Break Time
15:20~16:30 Chair : Joung Ok Lee

Laser tissue Interation in Aesthtic Medicine&
Surgery, RF facial Rejuvenation

Jin Wang kim

16:30~17:20 Chair : Hye Kyung Kim

Medical Skin Care After
Hae-Ri Park
Hye Kyung Kim
17:20~18:00 Chair : Byung Kwon Seo

Analysis of Disease in Ubiquitos Era
Prof. Dong Soo Kim

Above programs can change by authors conditions