Abstracts will be reviewed and selected by the scientific committee. Confirmation of acceptance or rejection
of abstracts and the style date of the presentation will be sent out by e-mail to presenting authors by
September 18,2008
Plenary and Concurrent Session Topics for 12th APALMS
A program consisting of invited and oral presentations will provide quality information from around the world.
An area exclusively for poster presentations will also be allocated. The plenaries and concurrent sessions
will include luncheon seminars and free paper presentations. Topics will include detailed exploration of the following categories
PDT, Photodynamic Therapy and Diagnosis
 - Low Power Laser Therapy
 - Nd YAG Laser Therapy
 - Basic Science


Antiaging medicine

Cancer surgery and cancer research

Laser and microsurgery , flap surgery , monitering
 - Cardiac Surgery and circulation
 - Dermatology
 - Dentistry & Maxillofacial Surgery
 - ENT
 - Gastric and Respiratory Tract
 - Gynecology

Laser Tissue Interactions
 - Neurosurgery
 - Ophthalmology
 - Orthopedics
 - Cosmetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery
 - Skin Resurfacing,Rejuvenation,Hair Removal,Leg Vein

Spa and Laser

Laser and Botox


Laser Spinal surgery

Laser and robotic surgery

 - Sports Medicine
 - Urology

Emergency medicine


Laser engineering ,science,industry

Oriental medicine and laser application

 - Others
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