The Korean Folk Village is a living museum of
the customs and culture of 19th century Chosun Dynasty of Korea .
There are traditional marketplaces,
farm houses reflecting characteristics of each
province and shops stocking a variety of traditional handicrafts and souvenirs.
The carefully reconstructed homes range
from the imposing quarters of the aristocrats
to the smaller homes of farmers, with architecture representative of different regions.
While you're there, visit craft shops and enjoy performances of traditional farmers' band music and acrobatic seesaw with tight rope walking.
Handicrafts Workshop In handicrafts workshop, you can watch the producing process of necessities
with your own eyes.There are bamboo workshop, willow workshop, rice-straw workshop,knot and embroidery workshop, fan workshop, paper making workshop,tobacco pipe workshop, wooden ware workshop, cotton weaving workshop, silk weaving workshop, gluten candy workshop,brass ware workshop and blacksmith's workshop.