The Night Lights Of Seoul
Hangang River Ferry Cruise is one of the best ways to enjoy the scenery around Hangang River that
flows through Seoul.
Cool wind from the river, the surrounding scenery, which get more beautiful in the evenings,
are the rewards the ferry cruise can offer you.
Currently there are 6 ferry cruises, going from Yanghwa to Jamsil, and they operate all through the year. There are 4 places to get on or get off the ferries, at the Yeouido, Jamsil, Nanji, and Yanghwa docks,
and there are two kinds of cruise schedules.
One cruise leaves the dock, goes on the Hangang River cruise course, and comes back, and the other course starts from either Yeouido, makes a stop at Ttukseom Island, then end at Jamsil,
or start from Jamsil, make a stop at Ttukseom Island, and finish at Yeouido.On the cruise,
you can see Hangang River’s beautiful scenery, the surrounding islands, Jeoldusan Park,
the 63 Building, Namsan Tower, Jamsil’s Multi Sports Complex, and other famous tourist spots.
The cruise is often used for weddings, birthday parties, music performances and other events.
The live concerts connect piano playing with singing voices, and will live on in memories