If you get off at Chungmuro Subway Station, you are
right in front of Namsangol Hanok Village(traditional Korean village). You may consider it interesting to find this area standing between the tall buildings.
This village has restored five traditional Korean houses, with a pavilion, a pond and a time capsule which
makes it a perfect spot to take a walk. When you enter the front gate, you will see the vast valley and the
Chunugak to the left of the pond. Along with the pond,
it is a splendid place where performances are held.
On the side you will see five traditional houses.
These houses were rebuilt after the traditional houses of Joseon Dynasty. The houses belong to various social ranks of the society from peasant to king.
The furniture in the house are situated to help guests
understand the daily life of the past.
The clean traditional houses and used home
equipments are great to take pictures.
If you would like to see souvenirs, stop at the traditional craftwork exhibit where you can buy
smalldishes and souvenirs.
You can also have traditional tea and refreshments.
On the grounds, there are traditional games you may want to try such as 'neolttwigi' (sea-saw jumping), 'tuho'(arrow throwing) and 'yunnori' (traditional game of throwing wooden yut sticks). In addition, you may not want to miss traditional marriage ceremony. During the weekends, traditional marriages are shown
at Bak Yeong Hyo's Residence. The traditional marriage ceremony is an interesting event for both
Koreans and foreigners and many gather to watch although it is not shown at certain hours.
During the winter season (November to February), there are not many weddingceremonies held,
as it is frequently held in Spring and Fall. Hours for the ceremony are held around noon or 1 p.m.
Visitors can take pictures with husband and wife wearing traditional wedding costumes. Furthermore,
there is also a time capsule in remembrance of Seoul's 600 Year Anniversary. Buried in 1994,
it is anticipated to open four hundred years later.