Tour Information
Course: Hotel → Nami Island → Chuncheon → Lunch (spicy chicken BBQ) → Myung-dong Street
      → Jungdo Island → Hotel
Don't miss the opportunity to visit the romantic settings of Korean drama "Winter Sonata".
(starring Bae Yong Joon-Yong Sa Ma and Choi Ji Woo Ji Woo Hi Me).
The main characters, Junsang and Yoojin, went to Nami Island , famous for "Lover's Forest ",
where they kissed first in this drama. In Jungdo Island , you can enjoy riding a bike like Junsang and
Yoojin. This tour needs minimum of four people. The tour fee applies to the number of people.
Begin : DMZ ,Kyung Ju Bul Guk Sa, Suk Gul Am ,An Dong Ha whae Ma El -
Pal Gong San -
Sukgulam - ,Jeju Island Tour -
Dae Gu Convention Tour & An Dong Ha Hae Ma El ,Nok Dong Seo Won Hap Chun Hae In Sa, Ko Ryung for Ka ya Culture (Nal Gge Book Chum) -
End : Yong In everland wild sapari & Lotte World